20 Facts About Me

Thanks to @dianpelangi who had challenge her instagram followers to make their own 20 self facts. Now I will try to accept the challenge to write down 20 facts about me that some of the people might don’t know

  1. I’m a book and movie junkie. When my eyes not glued to the screen, I will go to nearby coffee shop and spend my time to read a book. In the weekend when I feel I’m lazy to out of my room, I can do movie marathons and read more than 1 book.
  2. I start reading at the age of 2. When I entered kindergarten school at the age of 4, I was appointed by my teachers to assist her to taught some of my classmates in reading and math (and it was unpaid, lol)
  3. I was a victim of bullying and physical abuse in the last year of elemetary school.  The only thing I did to brought my confiendence back was by work very hard to be accepted in top junior high school and I’m the one in class who made it.
  4. I start learning English in the first year of elemetary school under Westlife, Britney Spears and M2M’s influence.
  5. I had a twin brothers. One of them passed away in less than 24 hours after he was born.
  6. I finished high school in 2 years instead of 3 years, and got my bachelor degree in 3 years instead of 4 years.
  7. I was a band vocalist in Junior high school by accident. Our role model were Muse, MCR, Green Day, Evanesence and NOFX. Altough my voice didn’t suit their music but I can automatically sank on the hype especially when I was on stage.
  8. Although we never played Maroon 5 but I got a huge crush with Adam Levine. But after he got married, I feel like I can automatically move to James Franco.
  9. My first date happened when I was 14. At that time my father were very strict that he never permit me to dating anyone when I was still under his responsibility. I did it backstreet-ly,but  everytime I broke up with my (ex)bfs, in the end my stalker mom always caught me and asked him as if he still my bf. Zzzzzz.
  10. It’s not easy for me to falling in love but when I do, I can easily attached to a guy who can make me feel comfortable and can drag me to his circle.
  11. I actually start using hijab since elemetary school because my school is an islamic school, but at that time when I was not at school I always put it off. I start fully using hijab since I was in high school and hopefully I can be istiqomah till the rest of my life.
  12. I always left my heart in the places I visited. If I were a billionaire, I would prefer to build a small house in every cities instead of having a mansion.
  13. Everyone I meet, mostly, have an impression that I’m ambitious. I actually only very very very curious.
  14. I’m a huge believer in karma and “when there is a will, there is a way”. I will never believe it if I don’t testify this for so many times.
  15. I used to learn arabic in elemetary school but now I must admit that it is not as good as it used to be. The reason why I want to learn it again because I feel it’s disconcerting when a christian guy told me he keen to learn arabic.
  16. If I can undo my undergraduate years I’m gonna work my *ss off to get into Ivy League school with majoring in International Affairs, Economics, and Political science.
  17. Frankly, I don’t have “marriage deadline” I choose to follow my instict that may lead to happiness. I live only once and I know I will never pleased everyone, moreover society also never pleased us. Why we should waste our time on it?
  18. In this life, I highly valued integrity and character. I never understand indiffrence and unkindness.
  19. I enjoy a deep conversation. I might agree with somebody who said that that deep conversation is more intimate than sex (coz I’ve never been doing this thus far)
  20. Apart from her famous saying “Mana ujyan, bechyek, nggak ada ojyeck” I admit that Cinta Laura should be a good role model for all of Indonesian youths.

To those who read this post, please accept my challenge to write 20 facts about youself. Good luck!!

"I wanna go to New York. I don’t care whatever I’m gonna do there. Either being a refugee or following a (poor) husband ; wherever life leads me I will always prefer to be a small fish in a challenging ocean" - MMD. On her contemplation during her way back to Jakarta from Bandung.

"I wanna go to New York. I don’t care whatever I’m gonna do there. Either being a refugee or following a (poor) husband ; wherever life leads me I will always prefer to be a small fish in a challenging ocean" - MMD. On her contemplation during her way back to Jakarta from Bandung.

10 Things I Learned in Summer 2014

  1. Believe in the promise of hardwork: it will be paid off. Never let yourself down in any difficult situation. Enjoy the process like nobody watching you.
  2. In chasing our dream, we must have a clear objective, strategy, targets, and timeline. Find a mentor who might can guide you.
  3. Never look back, always move forward!
  4. Never speak about your ex in front of your cr*$h.
  5. Moving on from your ex needs time, but it will never happen if you don’t even have a desire and courage.
  6. Make a peace with your past.
  7. Quality conversation is more intimate than s*x. This is why I never get enough of it.
  8. Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill
  9. Pleased our family before we pleased other people.
  10. Bestfriend come and go. Value your time when you are around them.

A good friend once told me prior to his departure to study abroad: “It’s good to live overseas. It’s nice to see the world. You will know the feeling of being in the capital city of the world; everything you want is available. But equally nice is having a home to come back to. Having family waiting for you. Having a place you can just relax and be yourself at. This is your motherland.” —I couldn’t agree more.

No matter how bad the world perceiving, how corrupt officials, or how bad the bureaucracy, there is always something to cherish and to be thankful for.

Happy 69th birthday, Indonesia! My love for you will remain unconditional.


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I consider our planet to be the world’s biggest university, and travelling gives you a Bachelor degree in Real World Education, as I treat every country that I go to as a full University Course. Before going to any country, my homework contains mostly 10 steps :

  1. I study the general history of that country, including politics and religions.
  2. Specifically, I research the history of Islam and Muslims in that country, including the contemporary situation and current challenges.
  3. I learn about the geography, major geological landmarks, and the economics and educational structure of the country.
  4. I memorize the map of the country with all major cities and towns, putting my intended landmarks to visit on the map and organizing it.
  5. I look up the culture and cuisine of that country.
  6. I research the do’s and don’ts, including local sensitivities.
  7. I learn the basics of the language and how to express myself.
  8. I read a major work of literature from that country to understand their way of self expression.
  9. I locate all related documentaries, watch them, and take notes.
  10. Finally, I prepare a large set of questions to ask the locals and learn directly from them. I usually focus on what makes them unique relative to other countries.

My benchmark is usually very high. I want to make sure that by the time I leave that country, I know about it more than the average local from that country! Of course I don’t always reach that benchmark, but I like to aim very high. Yet often times I study too much that I end up teaching some locals about their country. Such is a blessing from Allah, and I ask Allah to put benefit in what He taught his poor servant. Ameen. I still did not graduate. Now go and apply! 


Thanks god it’s friday. We began walking together. It wasn’t supposed to be a date. As I continue my dinner, he did the same. We just keep talking and talking till we ended it up by dreaming. Excited to see how our future will be. As if the world is ours.

Neither of us will say that it was love at the first sight, but I will confidently say that it was something. Yes, there was something there. A spark. Chemistry. A recognition that this was different than anything I had experienced before.

And all I can do is just simply hoping that he would feel the same way too.



感谢上帝,我在正确的轨道上 ! :)

As our world is more borderless and the desire to explore every corner of the world is bigger day by day, what are the languages you expect to be expert in? And why?



I still vividly recall at a time when I was almost graduated from high school. NUS and NTU Singapore were on my priority list of my next academic journey. Although I passed A-Level exam but my english proficiency test result was still under prerequisite. I blamed God in my pray why I failed on that test when I passed A-Level exam. I already worked my ass off to get it. I think it was ridiculous. I blamed my parents why I never given opportunity to took IELTS course and just pushed me to took primary subject course instead, just for the sake of SNMPTN while my dreams are bigger than that.

Time flies and my wound healed. I face a new phenomena regarding the economic growth of my motherland. When global crisis hit our earth, analysts were shocked by the fact that what happened in Indonesia is the contrary. Indonesia is the only country that survives from this disaster (Thanks to Bu SMI & Pak Beye). Our annual economic growth is always above 6%, the growth of middle class, joined G20 forums and predicted as world 7th big economics far beyond Germany and UK in 2030. How come foreign investor will not say it’s a sexiest market on earth? While Lafayette, IKEA, Blackberry are lost their profit on their own home country, Indonesia is a market savior for them.

Facing this issue, so many international forums suggest that Bahasa is now included to recommended-language-to-learn list. Just Google it, with over 300 million speakers in South East Asia Bahasa will be ASEAN primary language. Most of people who learn Bahasa will say that Bahasa is easy compared to another language. We do not need a specific grammar, tone, structure, special letters, feminism-masculine words, etc. This is why now I’m more grateful of my mother tongue instead of complaining.



We can’t avoid the fact that our world is getting borderless and my mother tongue is not (yet) a primary global language. Been studying English since elementary school, I’m grateful knowing that English is included in our main curriculum and I live a circle to implement this language as my second language: enrolled to “Sekolah Berstandar Internasional” since Junior high school, join a global youth network and having so many foreign friends from here, an (ex) foreign bf as well as his circle, my workplace, the dreams which I’m still working on, any excuse to not to improve my English? :)


Literally I have an interest to learn this language since I was in junior high school. At that time my Economics teacher taught us about Chinese and Asian economics. She said that in the future China will surpass USA in terms of economics power as China is called “the world’s factory” No need to wonder why Mandarin is the most-speaking-language on earth. With around 1.3 billion natives, it’s two times higher than the total of English speakers. Not only my economics teachers but also my faculty dean said the same when he was in class. He gave us 2 justifications about it: the biggest telco operator is in China and half of Indonesian telecommunication shares are owned by Singapore. He was dreaming that someday one of his pupils will buy back all of Indonesian Telco shares even make Indonesia dominating in telco sector.

So I don’t hesitate when my dad gave me opportunity to learn another language, I choose Mandarin. It’s not intended to please my teachers but as a business student I have to think to look for supplement that can support my future career. I must confess that it was not easy to learn but then anytime I got demotivated I have to look again the reason why I want to learn this language. I’m sure that anything we have been learns, there is always a room to implement it.

I’m grateful that although I’m no longer studying Mandarin formally but I have opportunity to improve my Mandarin as my third language thus far. I had opportunity to go China and my current workplace is Chinese based company.

Hopefully both of my teachers who successfully brainwashed me will proud of me when they know this. Lol.



Grew up in Islamic elementary school, they empowered us to learn Arabic even more than English. Arabic is on school’s curriculum and of course we had Arabic score on our semester report. Now I’m no longer learning Arabic regularly even my Mandarin is better than Arabic, but then I’m quite amazed on a phenomenon that the number of western who learning Arabic is increased. It’s not about Islam or Middle East thingy but it’s about oil and raw materials that has a largest mining site in Arabic speaking countries. I see it’s disconcerting for me as a Muslim but I can’t speak what my bible taught.

Effective yet easiest way to improve Arabic in my version? Read Koran regularly as well as the meaning in Bahasa per verse. I’m grateful that I was born as a Muslim and automatically having literacy in Arabic letters.

Hebrew (?)


To those who read it, I’m pretty sure they will ask “How do you learn Hebrew when they are limiting their resources to non-Jewish?” or “How can you keen on unpopular language?” It’s not an easy question to answer indeed. Even when I told to my friend about this bucket list, she responded “It’s enough to mastering Mandarin and Arabic only for beat those smartass Jewish.”

Sheryl Sandberg, Natalie Portman, James Franco, Adam Levine, Michael Bloomberg, Amy Chua – Jed Rubenfeld, Dona Karan, Sergey Brin, Janet Yellen, all of them are my favorite influencer on their field. You know what is 1 main identity they have in common? They are all Jewish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really about religion. I just impressed by the traits on Jewish’s upbringing. Everyone knows who is actually has the power behind America’s influence and the reasons why USA never pro with world’s outcry to ban Israel.

With this in mind, I’m sure there are so many unpublished literatures, research or references written in Hebrew that has a great influence globally.

Maybe for you who think that this reason is complicated, you can simply make an analogy like Kpopers or Korean drama lovers who keen to study Korean.

Another language – the primary language of a country where I belong


Just in case if someday I live at a non english speaking country (or any country where the language didn’t mentioned above) I will try my best to adjust in their primary language and mingle to the inhabitants in order to survive. Either it’s long term or short visit, it’s painful knowing that we can’t do anthing just because we can’t speak on their mother language. At the same time I also must accept the fact that nobody speak english. For example when I traveled to Hongkong where their primary language is Cantonese, I bring a small cantonese dictionary to speak with a trader in Mongkok (and to get a discount on CK perfume as well and I got 40% cheaper!). Let’s say someday I live in Denmark, I really don’t mind to learn Danish and making friends with  native speakers. How about if I move to another country? No problem, at least I can understand for the basic conversations in order to survive and experiencing their culture. Are these the characteristics of an extrovert? Ignore it because I’m an extrovert, indeed. Potential to be a polyglot? Why Not? The world will be boring if it is just colored only by 1 language isn’t it? :)

Additional: Javanese and Sundanese

Although I was naturally born as Indonesian but I couldn’t deny the fact that I also belong to one of an ethnic group. Literally my family speaks Javanese more than Bahasa (seriously!). Destiny led me to another place to embark my horizon in a land where most of the dwellers are speak Sundanese. At the outset I didn’t have any desire to speak Sundanese at all. But you can imagine of this: living in Bandung for your entire college life and I was surrounded by friends who speak Sundanese, frankly I can’t deny that day by day I can understand what they were saying when nobody taught me. I realized that I already being part of this city and it’s hard to leave. I think the only way to always be glued to this city is by marry a (charming) Sundanese guy. (Lol, I shouldn’t spill the beans here) :P



James Franco’s 2010 grad pic in the Columbia University yearbook. Those girls must’ve been secretly thankful of their last name. 

<3 <3


Really? Really.



Really? Really.